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present the wooden Schooner TAI PAN for charter in PATTAYA

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PLEASURE SAILING and other EXCITEMENTS of your choice are combined on the romantic Schooner TAI PAN for exclusive vacation in the Land of Smile. From PATTAYA you can head for the islands KO SAMET, MU KO MAN, KO CHANG or cross to HUA HIN.

Schooner TAI PAN sailing ofshore Sailing and sunbathing in Thailand

Schooner TAI PAN

How guests on the ship formed her vacation

Dear Dad,

We’re seven days into our vacation and we feel we have barely scratched the potential of this diverse land
 and people. Visiting Pattaya and is combination of golf, sailing and spa has turned out to be a grand idea.
 As you know, Linda and I are not professional sailors, but we and our friends enjoy the atmosphere on the
 Schooner TAI PAN. Dad, I figured out that everyone onboard has more than 200 sq. ft. Deck space. By the way, the
 TAI PAN looks just like you saw it in the pictures, a wooden sailing boat with a unique personality.
So, let me tell you a little bit about our daily routine. Yesterday, after a good sleep on board, followed by a
sumptuous German Breakfast, we took our shuttle to the pier, where a van awaited us. After a short drive, we
 arrived  at  PHOENIX GOLF CLUB, located on a rolling hill terrain with many challenging and exciting holes.
This 27 holes layout is lined by palm trees and tropical flowers and provides a backdrops of rocky hills and
vista’s of the land as it eases into the sea. The drive back to Pattaya was only interrupted by a lunch break at
 a nearby winery. Early in the afternoon everybody was onboard already. While we were toiling on the course, the
 girls were luxuriating and being pampered at one of the many excellent spas of Pattaya.
When we arrived back at the Sailing Cruiser the crew hoisted the sails and with a fresh breeze following, the ship
sailed out of Pattaya Bay. After a lazy cruise, during which tropical fruits, cakes and fresh coffee were never
 out of reach, we set the anchor at KOH LARN ISLAND and watched a sunset, as colorful and resplendent as any of
us had ever seen The warm water invited us for a refreshing swim. While the crew prepared the dinner, Linda and
  I retired for a much needed nap in our air conditioned room.
 At 8 p.m. the ship’s bell rang, it was dinner time. My words can’t do justice to the dinner table that greeted our
eyes, As a starter we had spicy shrimp soup followed by a main course of steamed fresh while snapper with lemon
 grass, pan fried fresh sea bass in lemon grass, fried rock lobster in garlic, cherry duck with Brussels sprouts,
tender beef in oyster sauce, all accompanied by fragrant fried rice in lotus leaves and then, the perfect punctuation
 of the evening, a dessert of iced locally tree-ripened mango. What a day!
  When awoke the Schooner was already moored offshore Pattaya and after so many days of golf on many of the
 area twenty championship courses, we decided to take a break and spend some time with the girls. Our van first
brought us to NONG NOOCH, a truly botanical paradise with Elephant shows, Thai dancing and other cultural
offering. The next shop was a small fishing village with a variety of excellent seafood restaurants, for a
 late lunch right along the seaside. When we returned to Pattaya there was still time for the girls to take part
in their favorite pastime shopping. I wish we still had our golf caddies with us so as to help carry the shopping
 bags full of local crafts and Western apparel that the gals bought at prices well below those we see at home.
  When we re-board the TAI PAN dinner was ready to be served. How do the Thai stay so skinny? Tonight the theme
 of the skipper’s table was European interlaced with Thai favorites: Roasted pork neck with fine herbs, german
potato salad, fried mushrooms with black forest bacon. Thai omelet stuffed with crab meat, steamed vegetables,
Thai shrimp salad and garden-fresh iceberg salad. It was just another romantic evening onboard with the glittering
 skyline of Pattaya, against a backdrop of twinkling stars, all the while having a sea breeze teasing our minds.
So Dad, I just finished my glass of another superb Australian white wine and with that, I will wraps this letter up.
I wil leave you with a few events we have to look forward to : Tomorrow morning on the driving range and at noon
 departure for another island, called KOH RIN, a good place for night fishing. I overheard our girls saying that
 they want to try snorkeling and scuba diving. The crew can instruct us in both.
On Tuesday, after dinner, our skipper will take us out to see the famous Pattaya night life. I sure miss all of you at
 home, but I can’t say that I am in a rush to leave The Land of Smile.

Sawadee Dad ( that’s hello and good-bye in Thai ).

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